04 November 2018

One New Blue

Hi everyone! Just letting you know I moved this blog to Insta (@onenewblue) in January 2017. Come check it out :)

29 July 2017

Only Then

When you finally get to that point
(and by “finally” I mean after all the
plotting and planning and discussing
with anyone who will listen
but then putting it off for one reason or another)
When you finally get to that point
(and by “get to” I mean the actual getting to
and not the saying or praying or thinking you’ve gotten to it
or jotting it down on your to-do list for the fifteenth time)
When you finally get to that point
(and by “that point” I mean the actual point—
the end of one thing and the beginning of another
however good or bad
no going backward
no then
only now
only forward)
When it happens
(and it will happen eventually)
you’ll wish you had done it so much sooner
and had not been afraid
but you’ll still be afraid
only much less so
less so each time.

butterflies at Neiman Marcus International Plaza Tampa

Only Then
(inspired by Robert Penn Warren’s “If”)
© 2012 Vanessa Campbell

04 May 2010


[Please note this post is from 2010.]

Last week was a blissful blur. I had two interviews, got two job offers, accepted one, had a wonderful birthday, and am now moving to Charlotte, NC. *poof!* Just like that.

Gotta run. I'm moving on Friday, and the job starts on Monday.

27 April 2010

On the Road: Myrtle Beach

On my way home from the interviews (see post below), I swung by Myrtle Beach, SC, for a couple of days to see how much it had changed in the twenty years since I’d been there. One of the bigger additions I discovered was Broadway at the Beach, which I suspect is modeled more after Disney than Broadway. My photos are here.

20 April 2010

On the Road: NC and DC

For the past two weeks, I’ve been on an interviewing tour, first to Raleigh, NC, and then to Alexandria, VA. A California phone interview was in the mix as well. Busy busy.

I knew I would like Raleigh (have visited several times), but I was surprised by how much I liked Alexandria. I loved it! At night, King Street glows with string-lit trees and with people having fun amid meticulously restored shops, bars, and restaurants. The entire city is beautiful, and the people are endearingly nice. Also, just across the Potomac River, National Harbor could be a vacation destination in itself. In fact, that’s not a bad idea...

06 April 2010

Braving the Bad Part of Town

Before Friday, I had never gone to the Artistic Perceptions gallery in Augusta. The gallery itself seemed fine, but the nudie bar, gun shop, pawn shop, and tattoo parlor nearby gave me the jeebs.

But my mom and I were out for First Friday, and the band wasn’t yet playing on the Commons, and Pyroteque wasn’t yet spinning fire in the street, and there we were, coughing pollen and ready to head home. “Hey,” I said, “There's this one other thing I was kinda interested in, but it’s kinda in the bad part of town.” “Pfft,” she said. “Whatever. Let’s check it out.”

So we ventured to the east end of Broad Street, parked in the Augusta Museum of History parking lot (which is so not scary), and saw the Kenya exhibit at Artistic Perceptions. Everyone was friendly. All was well. Nobody came out of the nudie bar and grabbed us like that time in New Orleans. We even got to meet the gallery owner, which is always a treat for me because, I mean, here’s a person who gets to be surrounded by art and artists for a living.

Speaking of travels, I suppose I should update you on my whereabouts, since I publicly announced I was moving on 31 March (to find work), and here I still am. But my delay is for good reason: I keep getting contacted by recruiters from California to Florida to DC, and several places in between. There’s no job yet, but I’m thinking I should wait and let the job decide where I’m moving to. Or maybe I should go on a traveling spree and spend a week or two in cities I think I would like, and then pick a favorite. Maybe. I’ll see how things go.

30 March 2010

Photographing Savannah Rapids Park

Despite spending a year in Augusta, there are still places around here I haven’t seen and/or photographed. This week I finally made it out to the Savannah Rapids Park, and I wish I’d visited sooner. There are nice walking trails alongside the Augusta Canal, and there’s a fantastic view of where the Fall Line crosses the Savannah River. Click here (and scroll to the bottom) to see more of my photos.