03 February 2009

Discovering Art Gallery Row, Twice

I’ve lived in Atlanta nearly nine years and never knew we had so many art galleries. Last week, I discovered not one, but two “gallery rows”: One is at Miami Circle (off Piedmont Road), and the other is at Bennett Street (off Peachtree Road).

Miami Circle Market Center has, according to its website, over 80 shops and galleries, including antique, rug, and home décor shops. The showing that led me there was Ansel Adams + Bob Kolbrener: 90 Years in the American West at Fay Gold Gallery. I’m glad I went, too, because I fell in love with an Ansel photo I hadn't seen before, shown here, called Water and Foam. I also liked Kolbrener’s Rock Covers Paper series.

Bennett Street Art District may be smaller, but the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia is located there, in the Tula Art Center, which is an interesting place in itself. Tula houses not just galleries, but also studios that are open to the public. The showing that led me to Bennett Street was In Bloom at Anne Irwin Fine Art. Yes, I fell in love again, with a painting by Barbara Flowers. It wasn’t the color palette (yellow, green, blue) or the subject (a vase of flowers) that got me. It was her technique of using a ton of paint to create such a rich texture, you want to touch it. Beauuutiful, but after hearing the price of nearly $3,000, I refrained. :)

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