09 March 2009

Finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans

This is supposed to be a weekly blog, but my latest New Thing took three weeks. It took so long partly because I’ve been crazy-busy getting ready for the move, but also because I decided I wanted some jeans that actually fit.

Sadly, jeans that fit are hard to find. Most of them are low-rise, stretchy abominations that either work their way down with every movement (if they fit) or give you a muffin-top no matter what size you are (if they’re tight enough not to scoot down).

For years it has been this way, and for years I have hated wearing jeans. I don’t miss “mom jeans” at all. But I do miss jeans made by people who will admit the female waistline exists—and who will at least use it as a guide. Slightly below the waist is great. Slightly above the crotch is not.

I won’t even tell you the many brands I tried on, the offenders. If you’ve tried on women’s jeans, you already know the offenders anyway. I’ll just tell you the brand that won the contest: DKNY. (Bless you, Donna.) Her Soho jeans are mid-rise, boot-cut, and the kind of stretch that feels great and doesn’t get all whacked out by the end of the day. Thank goodness I finally found them.

Rock. Anyway, I’m going back on hiatus now, because my BF and BFF (all in one) is coming to visit for a few weeks, and then I'm moving to the Augusta, GA area on April 4. My next post should be a few days after that, so, see you then.