07 April 2009

Experiencing Masters Madness in Augusta

For golf fans, Masters Week is the best time of year to be in Augusta, Georgia. For someone relocating to Augusta, Masters Week is possibly the worst week of the year to do so, because of the extra traffic. Guess which category I fall into.

But, you know, it wasn't actually as bad as I was expecting. Having lived in Atlanta nine years, I was expecting the kind of traffic where it takes an hour to go a quarter of a mile. But Augusta handled thousands of extra people (including me) quite well.

Washington Road was the main No Man's Land, and of course I had to go there, because that's where The Fresh Market is. In fact, I think the Market is smack-dab across from the golf course where the tournament took place. Sure seemed like it. Anyway, there I was, sailing through No Man's Land, right into the Market's parking lot, and into a primo parking space. Traffic? Pfft.

So, I learned very little about golf this week (and that's fine, really), but I learned something about Augusta: They have great city/event planners, traffic police, and whoever else was responsible for making the Masters Tournament such a success.

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