12 May 2009

Exploring Aiken

Remember the driving tour of Aiken I mentioned? Well, I took it this week and, as expected, I saw some beautiful places. My favorites were the Rose Hill Estate, the Willcox, the St. Mary Help of the Christians Catholic Church, the Aiken Training Track, and Hopelands Gardens. I didn’t see all of Hopelands, because it’s huge, but they have free concerts/performances every Monday evening throughout the summer, so I suspect I’ll be returning soon. What a peaceful, pretty place. I’d like a better look at Hotel Aiken as well, via karaoke and/or live music at their Polo Tavern.

Until then, here are some photos I took at Hopelands Gardens, preceded by a poem I was inspired by nature (and The Last Samurai) to write, several years ago:


There is no single, perfect petal
to spend your life searching for.
There is no need for this
tireless insistence on perfect beauty,
as you dismiss
what lies within reach.
The flowers have known this forever,
but we still need to learn:
Every petal is perfect,
and beautiful.

© Vanessa Campbell 2005

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