05 May 2009

My First “First Friday” in Augusta

On the First Friday of every month, hundreds of people gather in downtown Augusta to enjoy various types of live music and to browse the shops and galleries that stay open late for the occasion. Bands and street vendors are stationed all along Broad Street, and there’s usually a featured exhibit in the Common area. (This month’s feature, a car show, included the lovely Corvette shown here.)

Looking forward to celebrating May's First Friday, my mom and I arrived fairly early (before 7p), and there were already people feting, neon rope lights flashing, cotton candy scents floating, and good music flowing from seemingly every direction. After looking at cars and lingering at the main music stage on the Common, we walked down Broad Street for some whirlwind browsing. I loved Blue Magnolia, which sells modern home décor, and Cloud Nine, which sells natural products. I also enjoyed hearing Eryn Eubanks and the Family Fold who, befittingly to their music, were playing outside the Vintage 965 shop.

To top off the evening, I inadvertently made a video (which I am sooo not posting), mostly of people’s butts, with background commentary about a guy who’d had too much to drink, or too much of something: “Ooh we got a live one here...”

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