19 May 2009

Seeing the Sacred Heart Cultural Center

This week’s New Thing was originally an art exhibit at the Sacred Heart Cultural Center in downtown Augusta. I did go, and I did look at the exhibit (albeit probably too quickly), but I was more interested in the art of the structure itself. After signing the guestbook and exchanging a few words and smiles, ever so politely, I nearly flew outside to get a better look at the splendid architecture of Sacred Heart.

As you can tell by my photos here and the photos online, this is one heck of a structure. Its beginnings date back to 1874, with the current structure dating back to 1897. It was a church for over 70 years, then sat vacant and vandalized for 16 years, then was rescued and refurbished into its current incarnation, a cultural center.

If old buildings could talk, they could say so much... Well, maybe they can, if one knows how to listen.

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