02 June 2009

Free Stuff!

This week, I serendipitously caught an episode of the Tyra Show about getting things for free. Tyra’s guests offered lots of good suggestions, including clothing swap parties and freecycle.org. Although I haven’t yet tried those ideas, I am enjoying free samples and contests from several web sites:

· Free Samples Blog
· Shop4Freebies
· Sweetie’s Swag
· Sweetie’s Sweeps
· Wal-Mart’s Free Samples Page

Free must have been in the air this week, because my July issue of Kiplinger’s mentioned a free, online option for backing up 25 GB of PC files: Windows Live SkyDrive. I've been using it, and so far, I like it. If you try it, be sure to download the software it offers for transferring files, which allows you to drag and drop groups of files, rather than having to upload each individual file. Also, it’s best to copy your files in chunks, rather than all at once. I have cable broadband, and it took about three minutes to copy 15 MB of files (a fraction of the 4.5 GB I need to copy). I wouldn’t call that lightning-fast, but it’s fast enough, and it’s better than buying an expensive external hard drive, which is just as vulnerable as a PC’s hard drive.

That same issue of Kiplinger’s also mentioned AT&T’s GoPhone mobile service. I discovered I can pay a flat rate of $0.25 per minute, or $3 on the days I use my phone, with no charge for minutes. For someone who barely uses her mobile phone, this is exciting news. I hippity-hopped into an AT&T store all set to convert my service, only to learn I have two months left on my $40-per-month contract. Blargh. Well, I’ll just put a reminder on my free online calendar, courtesy of MyYahoo.


Corin said...

If you live in a large city, Craigslist also has a free section. I've given away lamps and old computers on Craigslist.

mario said...

Good stuff on free stuff. On an IT perspective though, just be careful what you backup online. Personally, I'd rather backup files on a DVD-RWif you don't want to buy another hard drive (which is kinda cheap nowadays). I know it's not free but a bank DVD will cost you maybe $0.25 which may be affordable after all the money you've saved getting all the free stuff :) You'll have quicker access to your files and it's not vulnerable to any ISP or server downtimes, which tend to happen when you most need to be online. Just my two cents.