16 June 2009

Painting on a Communal Canvas

This year’s Social Canvas event, held on Sunday at the Morris Museum of Art, brought artists and musicians together to create art, play music, and inspire each other. There was also an actual social canvas on which visitors could leave their marks. It was huge, and it looked surprisingly good when I saw it. In fact, it looked so good I decided not to add anything to it, since I haven't painted since, oh... '95, maybe? But I enjoyed this event because it reminded me how enlightening and exciting it can be to watch the creative process—to become part of it, just by being present.

Although photography isn’t allowed at the Morris, I did see some fantastic art I was able to photograph that day. I walked over to a nearby park and, lo and behold, I discovered two Richard Hunt sculptures I hadn’t seen before. One, called Tower of Aspiration, is shown here. The other, which reminded me of the Alien films and gave me the jeebs, is not shown here.

By the way, these impressive sculptures are located directly across from the closed-but-no-longer-overgrown Augusta Botanical Gardens. It’s nice to see the Gardens looking presentable these days, thanks to Growing Augusta the GreenWay volunteers. They recently gave the place a sprucing up and plan to keep it that way. I don’t think it’ll be open to the public any time soon, but I’m telling you, if a garden could smile, that one would be smiling.

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