23 June 2009

Putting Good Advice to Good Use: Part I

Brian Tracy is a genius. After listening to his Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible on CD, I ordered the print version in case I had missed something while driving. The CD/book is full of great insights and ideas, but I especially like Brian’s method of writing your top ten-or-so goals daily, in the personal, present, and positive. This means your goals should use the word “I,” be in the present tense, and be positively stated (“I am...” instead of “I will not...”).

I haven’t been rewriting my goals daily, but I have been reviewing and editing them daily, which seems to be just as effective, for me. I’m also taking some sort of action daily toward achieving them, as Brian recommends. Plus, I’m planning to focus on one area each month, such as health, wealth, relationships, projects, etc, which I’ll write/manifest in more detail than my daily goals.

So far, I’m amazed at the effectiveness of Brian’s methods. Things are already changing, and I haven’t even tried his mindstorming technique yet. Like I said, genius.

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