30 June 2009

Putting Good Advice to Good Use: Part II

Judith Orloff is another smart person. She teaches that one’s own mind and intuition can be rich resources for growth and guidance. In her article, The Art of Remembering and Interpreting Dreams, she explains what I call the dream question method. Basically, you think about a question or problem before going to sleep, and then write down and interpret your dream/s as soon as you wake.

It sounds easy enough, but be warned: You might get answers you don’t expect, don’t like, or don’t understand. You might even get misleading info, since dreams tend to speak a language of symbolism not easily understood by the conscious mind. But that’s where your intuition comes in, and that’s why I recommend you read Dr. Orloff’s article (above) and Prevention Magazine’s How to Solve Problems in Your Sleep before trying this method.

I do think it’s worth trying if you have a stubborn problem, and especially if you’re a lucid dreamer. Dreams can be so spot-on accurate, illuminating, and inspiring, they make you wonder where they come from, and what they’re tuned in to. Is it something greater and wiser than ourselves? It’s pleasing to think so, but whatever it is, I’m listening.

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