09 June 2009

Reading by the River

Since I missed First Friday this month, I decided to have my own First Saturday the following afternoon. My celebration was missing a few hundred people, but I did have live music, thanks to an event on the Common that day. (Speaking of outdoor shows, I’m amazed and pleased by how many there are around here.)

I began my First Saturday with a meandering browse of several shops and galleries on Artists’ Row and a curious air sniffing outside the New Moon CafĂ©. It smelled like a delightful place, but I was in a walking mood, and it was too hot to walk around with a cuppa. (I’ll have to go back when I’m in a lingering mood.) I saw many treasures during my tour but, being a lover of words, my most delightful discovery was the June issue of Verge, which is a local alt-monthly focused on promoting downtown Augusta. With my new treasure clutched to my chest and my camera, snacks, and water almost as close, I headed over to Riverwalk to find a comfy, scenic reading spot.

Now, I love to read outside, but it usually happens in my back yard, which is quiet and surrounded by a privacy fence. At Riverwalk, which is nothing like my back yard, my interest was easily diverted to the people walking, the dogs socializing, the sun shining, the water flowing, the band playing, the kids stealing coins from the fountain, the people taking touristy photos of the fountain, my wanting to photograph the fountain too... which I did, as you can see here.

Verge is a great publication, and I got to savor my copy later, but on that particular day, I didn’t need to read anything to see there’s a lot going on in downtown Augusta.

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