07 July 2009

First Friday and Fourth Fireworks

Since this was my first Independence Day weekend in Augusta, I got to experience several New Things. The fun started with First Friday, during which I especially enjoyed Dwain Shaw’s nature photography exhibit as well as Pyroteque’s scorching street performance. Dwain’s exhibit was at the Metro Spirit gallery, and Dwain was there as well. We talked a bit about camera brands and film versus digital, but not about photography as art, since I already agree with him on that. Pyroteque’s performance involved various things being set on fire and swung about, including a hula hoop! The stunts, music, make-up, and outfits reminded me of both Criss Angel and the circus, in the best way.

On Saturday, Augustans were treated to even more fun, all day, followed by a nighttime fireworks show off the Fifth Street Bridge. I took some photos of the latter, but my cam’s shutter speed was way too slow (i.e., blurry as hell). *sigh* So, yeah, that’s why the Imperial Theatre and Cotton Exchange photos are here instead. But trust me, it was pretty—especially the waterfall effect of white lights cascading into the Savannah River. Which reminds me, the best fireworks show I’ve ever seen is Boomsday, which is held each Labor Day in Knoxville, TN. If you live anywhere near there, it’s worth a road trip to see.

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