14 July 2009

Scoring Some Deals

I don’t do much shopping these days, except for necessities like groceries and Swiffer Duster refills, but I did manage to score a few sweet deals this week. At the Old Navy store in Augusta, I found cami tops on sale for $5 and v-neck tees for $10 (shown here). They didn’t have all of the colors shown online, but still, good deals. Then, I found a 4GB SanDisk flash drive at Walmart for $12. I almost said “Reeeally?!” out loud.

Alas, my scoring streak didn’t last. I went to five stores downtown looking for artsy cards, postcards, and/or stationery for my new pen-pal, Lisabel, and I found absolutely nothing. Nothing artsy, at least. But I remembered reading a suggestion in Skirt! to turn that publication’s colorful pages into envelopes. Brilliant idea, and it got me thinking about all sorts of fun things that could be scavenged to create envelopes with... as well as cards, postcards, and stationery, for that matter.

My mockup envelope looked surprisingly artsy and fresh, but I still want to reverse-engineer a real envelope to be sure I’m doing it right; i.e., so Lisabel’s letters will actually reach her. I’m all set with my 18” ruler, my trimmer tools, my super-strong glue stick, my plain white address labels, and my eco-friendly writing pads. The eco-paper, which is made from 80% sugarcane waste, is a lovely cream color with light brown lines. Since it’s too pretty to laser-print designs on, I plan to decorate it randomly with teeny-tiny collages and/or paper-friendly inks or paints.

I had to buy everything listed above except the trimmer tools, but thanks to Staples, my total cost was only about $10. Which means I scored another deal after all.

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Christian said...

Good score on the flash drive! I'm astonished at how cheap memory's becoming: one could technically store a working computer on their drive for easy transport. I know kids like to store World of Warcraft on a thumb drive and play it on the computers at the library.

Good score on the stationery, too. I'm always open to finding something I'll like, but my goal is to find materials I can use to assemble stationery I'll like.