21 July 2009

Sharing Poetry at Starbucks

In an effort to make new friends in my new town (and do New Things), I’ve joined three local groups on meetup.com. One of those groups, Quality Poets Society, met on Friday, and it was such a treat for me.

The two people I met were impressively creative and, most importantly, humble about being so talented. I love that! If you’ve been a writer for any length of time, you’ve met the opposite type who thinks they’re the best thing ever and can’t understand why the world doesn’t agree. If you’re that type, just stop it. Right now. If you love writing, keep doing it. If not, let it go and do something else.

At Friday’s meetup, we started by sharing poetry that had inspired us. I especially enjoyed hearing Charles Bukowski’s “splash,” read by Adam, from Betting on the Muse: Poems and Stories. After sharing, we did a couple of great creative writing exercises that resulted, for me, in the poems below. For the first exercise, a circle poem, we started and ended with the same line, but gave the line a different meaning at the end. For the second, we each called out two random words, then wrote a poem/fragment using all of the words. Now, I didn’t use all six words, but I did spin those six words into “ten thousand things”...

what we want

what we want
what we have
what we are
are we
what we want?

ten thousand things

black coffee
on an outdoor wood table
warms the morning around me
heats my body
heals my soul
encircles me in wisps
as I drink
sunbursts dancing on the cup
moving on the murmuring surface
telling me of ten thousand things
of now
of secrets shown to all
though few can see

© 2009 Vanessa Campbell

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