04 August 2009

Rediscovering the Dollar Movies

It was Saturday afternoon before I realized I hadn’t planned anything New for the weekend. Hadn’t even looked at the Metro Spirit calendar. After a few wide-eyed seconds, I remembered I have backup New Things for precisely this type of crisis situation. I exhaled. The time had come at last to rediscover the dollar movies... or the $1.99 movies. I hadn’t been in nearly a decade.

I checked showtimes online and was all set to see either Terminator Salvation or The Taking of Pelham 123, but I meandered and then had unexpected parking difficulties, due to 300 other people having the same idea I had. By the time I reached the ticket window, can you guess what was playing? Yep, Drag Me to Hell. Not my first choice, but I was grateful it wasn’t a kiddie movie. I figured it might even be fun.

It turned out to be more fun than I expected. There were a few jokesters in the audience whose one-liners and sound effects turned the movie into a comedy. My cheeks were hurting from laughing so much. I don’t think that’s the effect director Sam Raimi intended, but I suspect even he would’ve been laughing. Plus, comedy aside, the film was a lot more entertaining than much of what I’ve seen lately.

I look forward to seeing more $1.99 movies, and I hope the same silly people are in the audience from time to time. I don’t know who they are, but I like them.


Corin said...

Dollar movies are awesome. It's 2.99/3.99 after 5 here, but it's still better than 11.50.

I took my kids to see UP for $8 total. The lag time is anywhere from 4-7 weeks before a new movie shows up at the discount theaters.

It's awesome.

Christian said...

I also went to see Drag Me To Hell with some dread and came away surprisingly pleased. Anything funny was definitely Raimi's intent--that's his style. You've got to see the Evil Dead movies if there's any question in your mind. The question is, is he holding back from sheer horror, or does the brief interlude of comedy make the horror that much worse?

I used to be so good about the dollar movies. I need to get back on that trolley.