25 August 2009

Searching for Size 2

I admire how guys shop. They can go into a store, go directly to what they need, get what they need, and be back in the car in five minutes. That’s how I like to think I shop, but last weekend, I got sucked into a shopping vortex that lasted for three strange days. It all started on a sunny Saturday afternoon...

I needed interview/work clothes quickly, and I didn’t want to risk something not fitting, so I decided to visit an actual store rather than shop online. I breezed into Macy’s thinking I would grab some career pants and skirts in size 2, try them on, and be out of there. The glum-faced men waiting for their wives would gape in awe as I blazed by, and the women would secretly suspect I was transsexual. But nooo-no, none of that fun stuff happened, because there was nothing below size 4 except in petites, juniors, and the INC line. I’m 5’8”, 39 years old, and not feeling INC, so none of those worked for me.

Undeterred, I ventured back out on Sunday and tried the discount/off-season/overstock approach. I found one single solitary pant in size 2, and the legs were uneven. *sigh*

On Monday, back at the mall, I found some size 2s scattered throughout a few stores, but selections were limited, or things didn’t fit, or prices were too high, or quality was too low. Wondering whether to wear my size 8 pants (creatively belted?) or my khaki Capris (with heels and a jacket?) to the interviews, I dragged myself into the last shop on my itinerary, Ann Taylor LOFT. Boy did I hit pay dirt. They had plenty of things in my size, well made and well fitting, and I could actually afford them! Bless those people, and bless my friend Kristin for suggesting them.

Whether the dearth of 0s and 2s in stores is size discrimination or simply supply and demand in action, it is frustrating. Are we not supposed to be smaller than size 4, even when the size 4 of today is the size 8 of ten or twenty years ago? Where are we going with this, people? Can somebody please start making career wear in children’s sizes, just in case?

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Hysterical! I know what you mean about the Vortex of shopping. You need one thing, one simple thing, and the search goes on for days!