01 September 2009

One New Browser

I just started reading a great book by Jennifer Niederst called Web Design in a Nutshell. Early in the book, Niederst covers the variety of web browsers available, from the text-only Lynx to the ubiquitous Internet Explorer (IE). She seems to prefer Mozilla’s Firefox, and considering her guru status, that means a lot.

After using Firefox myself, I prefer it too. I began using it out of desperation after a severe malware attack in July. Those cooties were so clever, they sidestepped Malwarebytes and other programs, and they even hijacked my attempts to search for an antidote. I finally entered a search string that didn’t trigger a redirect, then found a cure on a Geeks to Go forum. After that, my next download was the Firefox browser, and I’ve been happily using it ever since.

Firefox is generally more secure than IE and is definitely more adaptive to W3C standards coding, making it a favorite among web developers and techie types. There’s even a nifty web developer add-on, along with many other useful and/or fun tools. But tech talk aside, I’ve found it to be flat-out better than IE regarding speed, appearance, and user interface—everything, really. Perhaps that’s why I wasn’t surprised when Firefox reached one billion downloads just over a month ago. One billion and blazing.

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

I started using Firefox a couple of years ago and found it vastly more secure than IE. In fact, when I have to use IE now (rarely), it invariably feels like I'd better get out, fast.