15 September 2009

One New Resume

I did see a couple of new exhibits on Sunday at the Morris, but most of my weekend was spent completely redoing my resume. I was in perfectionist mode, laboring over every word, trying to be as concise as possible while also saying as much as possible. Not so much I overwhelm, but enough so I hold interest. I even researched my old performance reviews to get specific numbers and achievements.

It was worth the effort, though, and it’s such a relief to have it polished and posted and, I hope, working for me on various job sites. There are probably hundreds of applicants for any decent job posted on any decent website, so my strategy (along with applying and networking like everyone else) is to have such a great resume, the recruiters find it, call me, and say “Oh my gosh when can you start?!” That’s the idea, at least.

Another strategy I’m seriously considering is relocating to the Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina. Although no NC cities are featured in US News’s Best Places to Find a Job, I suspect Research Triangle Park (RTP) holds more promise than the Augusta area. According to RTP’s website, “RTP is the largest and longest continually operating research park in the United States, encompassing 7,000 acres. With more than 170 companies occupying 22.5 million square feet of developed space, RTP is globally renowned as a center of innovation.” Plus, there are many other companies in the area, outside of RTP.

By the way, I also found US News’s 30 Best Careers for 2009 to be helpful, along with the related articles, Ahead-of-the-Curve Careers and Overrated Careers.

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mario g. said...

Thanks for the links to the US News articles on Careers. Although I was lucky to get hired last year (I even had two job offers despite the economic downturn). In the past two months I've seen several people get laid off.

It seems my current spot is relatively safe from job cuts but it's great to get some info on possible alternatives, just in case. I can work towards acquiring new expertise right now.