22 September 2009

Rolling on a River of Change

Arts in the Heart of Augusta—a three-day festival featuring crafts, foods, and performances—was the big event going on this weekend. I had planned to attend on Saturday to watch open mic performances and whatever else I fancied, but I changed my mind at the last minute due to the $7 entry fee. With no income (I left my job voluntarily, to take a sabbatical), I couldn’t justify spending $7 to shop for things I couldn’t afford and to watch performances I was only slightly interested in.

I ended up strolling alongside the Savannah River on Augusta’s Riverwalk, then sitting in shade and having a nice phone conversation with a dear friend. Then I drove a mile upriver to North Augusta’s Hammond’s Ferry and lounged on a floating boat dock in sparkly-gold sunlight, close enough to touch the scintillant river traveling beneath me. I realized the river doesn’t see the changes ahead as it journeys toward and into the wondrous ocean, and neither do I, yet we flow forward nonetheless. We see changes when we reach them, and we’re wise to welcome them, because change is natural.

That was the most sublime half hour I’ve had in ages. I browsed a borrowed I Ching book (Book of Changes) while the meandering breezes tested different styles on my hair. I stared dreamily at nothing. I squinted in half-interest at occasional boats passing by. I did not, however, toss coins or count yarrow stalks, because I had no questions to ask that day. I knew the answers were already within my self and in everything around me.