08 September 2009

Strolling Through Columbia, SC

On Saturday, my friend Kristin met me in Columbia. She drove down from her home in Raleigh, NC, and I drove up from Augusta, GA. Although Columbia isn’t a midpoint between those two cities, it seemed a good place to spend an afternoon exploring.

Our meeting place and first stop was the West Columbia Riverwalk by the Congaree River. Since the park has walking trails and picnic tables along the river, that’s also where we ate dinner. But first, we drove all over town to find a grocery store for lunch (since neither of us eats at restaurants), then spent most of our afternoon taking a self-guided walking tour of the downtown area. We started in the artsy Congaree Vista district, walked around the SC State House grounds, then walked down Main Street to the Columbia Museum of Art.

After dinner at the riverwalk, we were completely pooped and ready to head home. Kristin’s shoes were devouring her feet, mosquitoes were devouring my skin, and the heat and humidity had zapped both of us... but that’s the South, right? I don’t know how the day slipped by so fast, but I’m planning another trip soon to see a few more places in Columbia:
Until then, click here for lots of photos (and lots of pink, somehow) from our Saturday walking tour.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Good photo tour of Columbia!

Vanessa said...

Thanks guys. :) Your Synchronicity blog is awesome, by the way.