29 October 2009

One New Poem: A Dream I Had in ’93

I’m at the beach
I’m happy
It’s a perfect, sunny day
But I’m afraid of the surf

I see a dog
She’s happy too
On this perfect, sunny day
And not afraid of the surf

She runs and jumps
Into a crashing wave
Grinning as only dogs can grin
I could swear she was giggling too

So I decide to run in as well
Into a crashing wave
Into a freer place
Into joy

It cascades over me
Says hello and goodbye in the same breath
And goes
But not entirely
Because we both know
Things have been taken
Things changed
Things given

Skin sparkling and sun in my eyes
I walk back to the grinning dog on the beach
And look at my hands
And see they’ve been filled

With silvery coins
With sun-honey doubloons
With dark, sea-blue sapphires
And a promise unspoken

That a life, lived fearless and free
Is a treasure

© 2009 Vanessa Campbell


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Beautiful! You create wonderful word pictures. I was there on the beach, watching you and the grinning dog!

Vanessa said...

Thanks guys. Seriously, that was one happy dog in the dream -> :D