14 October 2009

Two New Interviews

I had planned to check out the Falling for Fashion event at Sky City on Saturday, but I decided to skip it because, along with fashion, fall also means flu season. From what I’m hearing, H1N1 is no picnic, and I don’t like flu vaccinations, so my anti-flu strategy is mainly to avoid crowds and to avoid touching my face. (Just FYI, it’s wise to avoid touching your face in general, since the eyes, nose, and mouth are primo germ portals.)

Although I spent most of the weekend at home, doing comfy, cozy, homey things, my week was not without New Things. I had two interviews for jobs in cities I had never visited, so I researched not only the companies, but also the locations. I wanted to be prepared for the interviews and to be sure Morristown, NJ and Charlotte, NC are places I could relocate to. I'm happy to say they both seem like great cities.

The Morristown interview was done via telephone, while the Charlotte interview was done in person, on Tuesday. On my way home from Charlotte, I stopped in Rock Hill, SC, and had a picnic dinner in Glencairn Garden, which I absolutely loved to bits. Some serious feng shui is going on there... or serious landscaping, at least, and the town’s Main Street is adorable as well.

Now that the interviews are done, I wonder if I'll see Rock Hill again, or if I'll be exploring New York City instead (Morristown is a suburb of NYC). Maybe I'll end up somewhere else entirely. I don't know, but I'm convinced there are lots of Rock Hills and Glencairns out there, if you know where to look.

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