24 November 2009


After last week’s financial triage, I’ve spent much of this week conjuring up ideas for income sources, organizing the ideas into categories (products, services, etc), and determining the required steps to bring the ideas to life. I used Brian Tracy’s mindstorming method for the ideas, but I came up with more than his suggestion of 20 answers/ideas, so I now have three promising pages of possible ways to bring in money. Yay!

Also, thanks to Trish MacGregor, I’ve learned I can market and sell my self-help book before it’s finished. (With fiction, which I was originally focused on, you have to finish the book before selling it.) So that’s my main focus right now: marketing the book. Instead of spending up to four hours a day searching for and applying for jobs, I’ll use that time more productively, at least until the job market picks up. As for my other ideas, I’ll let you know how those progress.

By the way, Brian is offering his Goals e-book free if you sign up for his newsletter. I have the print version of his book and it’s full of excellent advice, including his mindstorming technique.

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Yay! Progress!! Good for you. We're cheering you on from our nb eck of the suburbs.