29 December 2009

One New PC

I got a new PC for Christmas, but it wasn’t on my wish list. It was a “gift” from the worst malware I’ve ever encountered, which hit my PC on Christmas Eve. By Christmas Day, things were so bad I had to reformat my hard drive, reinstall Windows, and start rebuilding my PC from scratch. Thus, one new PC.

Luckily, I had done a massive backup on Windows Live SkyDrive in June, and I’ve been doing spot backups monthly, so I didn’t lose everything. The worst losses were lots of photos and ALL of the work I had done on my book in December, which is ironic since I hadn’t touched the book for months. I got excited about it again and *poof!* it was gone. Whatever. What can I do but start again?

Of course this experience has taught me to backup important things more often, but it has also changed my views on antivirus software. Before, I didn’t think I needed anything but the free version of Malwarebytes, but I now know otherwise. I’ve added avast! and SUPERAntiSpyware to my arsenal, providing me with (I hope) the holy trinity of PC protection. All three programs have free and fee/upgrade versions, and all are recommended by Geeks to Go.

True to my typical bright-side outlook, I do like my new PC better. It’s one lean, mean, clean, clutter-free machine, all set for 2010.

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Mercury retrogrades often bring computer crashes.But you've got a new computer and are set for the new year!

Happy 2010!