01 December 2009

One New Roost

On Black Friday, my friend TJ came over from Atlanta to visit me and to see Augusta. We had planned to do the Jingle Bell Jaunt, which was a scavenger hunt of sorts, throughout downtown, but the cold weather changed our minds. We thawed out at the New Moon Café, then drove across town to browse a bookstore, eat lunch, and watch a two-dollar movie. There was no shopping madness for us, except for the small fortune TJ spent on a coin she had been trying to find for thirty years.

At the bookstore, I browsed the Personal Growth section to see if my self-help book idea has any competition. I didn’t see anything, but an online search might dredge up something. TJ bought a kiddie DVD and a Star Wars puzzle for her son, maybe out of guilt for the coin purchase, or maybe just being a mom.

At the movies, we enjoyed Julie & Julia. The voice got a bit irritating at times, but the story was good. One of my favorite parts was when Julia tries the food in France for the first time—I dream of that myself. I also loved when Julie flips out over getting her first blog comment that isn’t from friends or family. I reacted similarly when that happened with my blog. It’s probably a universal blogger moment.

Speaking of writing, this was only my second trip to the Washington Road location of Books-a-Million, but I can see it becoming a place to roost while I work on my book proposal (and book). Books and mags all around. Built-in café. Two-dollar movies across the parking lot. What’s not to adore?


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Love that you're checking stores for competing ideas. That's how I've found big gaps in the market that my ideas could fill. You're on your way, Stacey!

Vanessa said...

Who in the world is Stacey? I think I look more like a Tiffany than a Stacey, but I could pass as a Stacey, I guess. :)