26 January 2010

Letting Go of Then

Remember when I consolidated three old notebooks into one new Word document? That was such a refreshing experience, I decided to go through all of my pre-2000 notebooks, pluck out the best items, and put them into a three-ring binder. I also created Word docs for my favorite quotes (from others) and my favorite fragments/musings (from myself), so the binder is surprisingly thin.

I can remember times when I looked at those old notebooks and thought, What if something happens to them? Fire, flood, tornado? I couldn’t stand to lose them! But when I actually read through them this week, I couldn’t wait to lose them. To let go. To be in the Now. There was way too much complaining in those journals, which I suppose I thought would make for more dramatic reading later, or maybe I got therapeutic value from. Either way, I needed to grow up and get over myself.

Now that I’ve grown up, gotten over myself, and finished my consolidation project, I have only two notebooks. One is a small journal I began in 2003 and am now using solely as a gratitude journal (which reminds me, I haven’t made an entry in a while). The other is my main notebook, which I use for anything that should be handwritten rather than typed, since handwriting provides a closer connection to the right brain and the subconscious mind. I think every writer needs notebooks, but we don’t necessarily need to keep everything in them for twenty years. (Note: The quote in the photo above is by Rumi.)

19 January 2010

One New Hobby (Lobby)

I have discovered Hobby Lobby. I am forever changed. Okay maybe not forever, but I am impressed with the size and selection of that place. It's like the Walmart of crafting supplies, with everything you want plus a few things you don’t know you need until you see them. During my visit last week, I got several ideas for projects, including the prosperity corner I mentioned in a previous post.

I’ve also discovered the coolest car wash. It’s called Top Notch Express, and you actually stay in your car while it rolls along the wash track. You’re instructed to keep your hands off the wheel and your foot off the brake, so while your car is moving, you’re unable to steer, brake, or see (when suds and water are covering the windows). It’s a strange sensation that, for the uninitiated, has probably led to a panic attack or two. It reminded me of the indoor, in-the-dark roller coaster at Dollywood, albeit at a slower pace. But this ride costs only $4, and it washes your car.

12 January 2010

Saving and Streamlining

I’m still in saving and streamlining mode, and I’ve been a busy bee. I’ve canceled my Netflix account and am borrowing DVDs for free from the public library. With the library, I can request (get in line for) the movies online, receive a call when they’re ready, and swing by to pick them up, along with whatever books I’ve requested.

I’ve also canceled my cellular plan and am using AT&T’s GoPhone service (with my same phone), which charges a flat rate of $3 per day only on days I use my phone. The $3 fee covers unlimited usage (for that day) as well as roaming and long distance in the US. Since I dislike talking on the phone, and since we have a landline in the house, it’ll be fun to see how little I can talk and how much I can save.

I’ve tailored my grocery shopping as well. By shopping at Kroger and using their Plus Card, I’m spending about $50 per week, even with my whole/natural diet. They have such a great selection of natural foods and non-food items, I barely have to visit Earth Fare or Target now. They even sell gas! It’s discounted 15 cents per gallon if you have (and use) their credit card.

05 January 2010

One New (Prosperity) Corner: Applying Feng Shui

Right now I’m all about streamlining my living space, partly for the new year and partly in hopes of moving soon. I’ve fitted most of my printed photos into one album, created two collages with the leftovers, and condensed three old notebooks into one new Word doc. The notebooks were full of white space and amateur, meandering musings from the early ‘90s, so it was fairly easy to pluck out the good stuff.

I’ve also refreshed my knowledge of feng shui, but the original purpose didn’t involve my living space. I was researching an income idea, which led to learning my Kua number (I’m a three) and comparing my living space with the Pa Kua (pie slices) and/or Bagua (squares, shown above). Surprisingly, my space passed inspection, but there was one sore spot of neglect: my prosperity corner.

Now, is placing something green in a corner really going to bring money pouring in? Maybe not, but maybe so. Maybe it’s more about the intent than what you actually put there. It’s about the belief and the balance, because at its core, feng shui is about balance.

Since feng shui can get complicated, and sometimes NO change is better than the wrong change, I’m still considering how best to outfit my prosperity corner. I’ve already got the wood element going on, but I could use a bit of water and maybe an image with red, gold, green, and purple in it. Maybe a collage. Maybe a plant with red-violet flowers... ooh in a gold colored pot! Hmm, wait, that’s a bit busy. Any suggestions? Here’s how it looks now: