26 January 2010

Letting Go of Then

Remember when I consolidated three old notebooks into one new Word document? That was such a refreshing experience, I decided to go through all of my pre-2000 notebooks, pluck out the best items, and put them into a three-ring binder. I also created Word docs for my favorite quotes (from others) and my favorite fragments/musings (from myself), so the binder is surprisingly thin.

I can remember times when I looked at those old notebooks and thought, What if something happens to them? Fire, flood, tornado? I couldn’t stand to lose them! But when I actually read through them this week, I couldn’t wait to lose them. To let go. To be in the Now. There was way too much complaining in those journals, which I suppose I thought would make for more dramatic reading later, or maybe I got therapeutic value from. Either way, I needed to grow up and get over myself.

Now that I’ve grown up, gotten over myself, and finished my consolidation project, I have only two notebooks. One is a small journal I began in 2003 and am now using solely as a gratitude journal (which reminds me, I haven’t made an entry in a while). The other is my main notebook, which I use for anything that should be handwritten rather than typed, since handwriting provides a closer connection to the right brain and the subconscious mind. I think every writer needs notebooks, but we don’t necessarily need to keep everything in them for twenty years. (Note: The quote in the photo above is by Rumi.)

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Great post. A fine reminder, too, that I need to go consolidate my notebooks!