05 January 2010

One New (Prosperity) Corner: Applying Feng Shui

Right now I’m all about streamlining my living space, partly for the new year and partly in hopes of moving soon. I’ve fitted most of my printed photos into one album, created two collages with the leftovers, and condensed three old notebooks into one new Word doc. The notebooks were full of white space and amateur, meandering musings from the early ‘90s, so it was fairly easy to pluck out the good stuff.

I’ve also refreshed my knowledge of feng shui, but the original purpose didn’t involve my living space. I was researching an income idea, which led to learning my Kua number (I’m a three) and comparing my living space with the Pa Kua (pie slices) and/or Bagua (squares, shown above). Surprisingly, my space passed inspection, but there was one sore spot of neglect: my prosperity corner.

Now, is placing something green in a corner really going to bring money pouring in? Maybe not, but maybe so. Maybe it’s more about the intent than what you actually put there. It’s about the belief and the balance, because at its core, feng shui is about balance.

Since feng shui can get complicated, and sometimes NO change is better than the wrong change, I’m still considering how best to outfit my prosperity corner. I’ve already got the wood element going on, but I could use a bit of water and maybe an image with red, gold, green, and purple in it. Maybe a collage. Maybe a plant with red-violet flowers... ooh in a gold colored pot! Hmm, wait, that’s a bit busy. Any suggestions? Here’s how it looks now:


Viticulturist said...

Many times good things come in 3s, so what about a favorite painting on the wall over the table (a tall rectangular shape, maybe), a lamp with the shade sitting lower than the top edge of the frame, and then your sweet little violet to bring in the green life?

Rob said...

Do you keep a glass of water by your bed? Just get a green glass. Or since I see a coffee cup in the photo, find one in green.