12 January 2010

Saving and Streamlining

I’m still in saving and streamlining mode, and I’ve been a busy bee. I’ve canceled my Netflix account and am borrowing DVDs for free from the public library. With the library, I can request (get in line for) the movies online, receive a call when they’re ready, and swing by to pick them up, along with whatever books I’ve requested.

I’ve also canceled my cellular plan and am using AT&T’s GoPhone service (with my same phone), which charges a flat rate of $3 per day only on days I use my phone. The $3 fee covers unlimited usage (for that day) as well as roaming and long distance in the US. Since I dislike talking on the phone, and since we have a landline in the house, it’ll be fun to see how little I can talk and how much I can save.

I’ve tailored my grocery shopping as well. By shopping at Kroger and using their Plus Card, I’m spending about $50 per week, even with my whole/natural diet. They have such a great selection of natural foods and non-food items, I barely have to visit Earth Fare or Target now. They even sell gas! It’s discounted 15 cents per gallon if you have (and use) their credit card.

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