06 April 2010

Braving the Bad Part of Town

Before Friday, I had never gone to the Artistic Perceptions gallery in Augusta. The gallery itself seemed fine, but the nudie bar, gun shop, pawn shop, and tattoo parlor nearby gave me the jeebs.

But my mom and I were out for First Friday, and the band wasn’t yet playing on the Commons, and Pyroteque wasn’t yet spinning fire in the street, and there we were, coughing pollen and ready to head home. “Hey,” I said, “There's this one other thing I was kinda interested in, but it’s kinda in the bad part of town.” “Pfft,” she said. “Whatever. Let’s check it out.”

So we ventured to the east end of Broad Street, parked in the Augusta Museum of History parking lot (which is so not scary), and saw the Kenya exhibit at Artistic Perceptions. Everyone was friendly. All was well. Nobody came out of the nudie bar and grabbed us like that time in New Orleans. We even got to meet the gallery owner, which is always a treat for me because, I mean, here’s a person who gets to be surrounded by art and artists for a living.

Speaking of travels, I suppose I should update you on my whereabouts, since I publicly announced I was moving on 31 March (to find work), and here I still am. But my delay is for good reason: I keep getting contacted by recruiters from California to Florida to DC, and several places in between. There’s no job yet, but I’m thinking I should wait and let the job decide where I’m moving to. Or maybe I should go on a traveling spree and spend a week or two in cities I think I would like, and then pick a favorite. Maybe. I’ll see how things go.


Triesta said...

Thanks for reminding your readers that art is democratic, and not confined to one area of town or another, one social strata or another. We should all venture out to find the unexpected treasures!

Vanessa said...

Well said, T, very well said.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Art is also an adventure!