27 April 2010

On the Road: Myrtle Beach

On my way home from the interviews (see post below), I swung by Myrtle Beach, SC, for a couple of days to see how much it had changed in the twenty years since I’d been there. One of the bigger additions I discovered was Broadway at the Beach, which I suspect is modeled more after Disney than Broadway. My photos are here.


Triesta said...

It is interesting how certain cities and towns easily fall in and out of favor with the tourists. As an Orlando resident, I get to see how all the theme parks have to continually reinvent themselves to stay salient. For instance, Universal has the Harry Potter area just opening up to give the tourists one more reason to come.

Vanessa said...

It's a good idea, too, cos even at my age I wouldn't mind doing the Harry Potter thing. Also, I like how Universal has one park for kids and the other more tailored to adults.