04 May 2010


[Please note this post is from 2010.]

Last week was a blissful blur. I had two interviews, got two job offers, accepted one, had a wonderful birthday, and am now moving to Charlotte, NC. *poof!* Just like that.

Gotta run. I'm moving on Friday, and the job starts on Monday.


Triesta said...

Congratulations on your next adventure! Hope you will continue your blog in Charlotte!

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

YAY! You're ready and the universe answered. Congratulations, Vanessa.

Vanessa said...

Thanks guys. I do feel like it was a question of me being ready.

67 Not Out (Mike Perry) said...

Not sure why I haven't been to your blog previously - very amiss of me! Looks like I came here at a good time - congratulations.

Just seen that the word verification is 'goode'